Design Approach for Social Media Grid

Design is vital for creating a Social Media Campaign. The choices of your designs from creative concepts to colors and fonts can make or break the success of a campaign.

The Reason why Visual Design is very beneficial for Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns can take over an entire spectrum. They can cover a new product launch, a giveaway, an event, or perhaps the arrival of a brand new season. The Branding of your Social Media Campaigns can be similar to your other Social Media Content. But, you would be looking forward to giving your campaign a distinct and unique look. A fresh design is an amazing way of visually aligning your entire campaign content together.
It is obvious that you have to keep up with your overall brand identity. But that does not imply that you should refrain from introducing some playful new creative elements to your social media campaigns.
For driving extra momentum of Social Media, you should consider the decision of Investing in the visual design of your campaigns. This momentum on social media can range from comments and likes to saves and shares.

Cargo Company Social Media design

Design Tip #1: Be clear on the Objectives of Your Campa

It is essential to emphasize the goals of your campaign before considering the creative elements. The creative elements will be relevant when you understand the reason for running a campaign and your target market. You should think more and design less for saving valuable time and energy in the long run. Your campaign goals and objectives should be the backbone of every design that you are creating.

Design Tip #2: Get Creative with an idea

Social Media Campaigns that are the most memorable are having a powerful creative narrative, a concept, or a theme that integrates all the design elements together in a visual story. A valuable framework for creative brainstorming is to set an idea early in the design process. This is useful in case there are multiple designers working on the same project.

Design Tip #2: Get Creative with an idea

It is time to make your concept live. As a result of creating a visual mood board, you can align your creative inspirations together in a single place. You will get a broad overview of what themes and designs work well together. For creativity, use a mood board as a launchpad. From Pinterest to Invision, there are various applications that you can use for creating mood boards for your next campaign.

Design Tip #4: Be careful while Selecting Your Color Palette

Color is a broad area of any design process. You can set the brand identity of your campaign by choosing the colors. For example, people perceive pastel shades as calm and delicate. Whereas, people associate bright neons with youthful energy, danger, or rebellion. A fresh color palette will assist you in re-energizing your social presence. Even professional designers can spend hours analyzing colors and their association. They will spend a lot of time analyzing how to pair the colors together for building up an attractive impression. There are various sources for drawing color inspiration. Travel snapshots and Instagram feeds that align with your brand serve to be rich sources of color inspiration. Pieces of art and album covers can also serve these purposes.

Design Tip #5: Search for the Right Fonts

Color is a broad area of any design process. Your go-to brand font will often be the most effective option for your social media campaign design. Frequent changes of fonts may end up in a very disjointed aesthetic. If there is no clarity on where to start out, it’s a decent idea to do some research on what kind of brands typically adopt each font grouping. We can agree that fonts are complex. With various options available, it would be intimidating to choose the right one for your brand.

Design Tip #6: Make Professional Templates with Creative Apps

Irrespective of your skills in designing, there are various techniques for creating professional-looking social media campaigns. Design apps like Over, Canva, and Adobe Spark contain pre-designed templates that are suitable for beginners looking to get creative on a budget. Design apps are straightforward for leveling up your visuals on social media. After all, Reidis Interactive is at your service for creating highly-effective designs for Social Media Marketing.