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Synergy Pharma is a speciality pharmaceutical company located in Dubai that requires a complete branding as well as a Web application development.

Over the years, Synergy Pharma has formed a fully integrated platform for sales and marketing by acquiring, developing and manufacturing niche and technologically complex products. Their supply chain, regulatory & quality functions; and successful collaboration with research institutes has enabled us to create and market scientific and unique products to meet the unmet therapeutic needs of this region.

Project Overview:

Our work encompassed the creation of a customized WordPress website for SYNERGY PHARMA. The goal was to design a user-friendly and informative online platform that effectively communicates the company's values, products, and commitment to improving global health.


The SYNERGY PHARMA Custom WordPress Development project resulted in the creation of an informative and user-friendly website that effectively represents the company's values and product offerings. The platform serves as an online hub for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking high-quality healthcare solutions.

The projects involved:

  • Online Brand Presence Creation
  • Web Application development

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web site design
web site design
web site design
web site design

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