The Benefits of having an Ecommerce Website

Many merchants choose between selling their products on a marketplace and creating their own ecommerce website for selling products online. We can be certain that businesses that are completely serious about e-commerce should be having their own website. Even though marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart may be great sales channels for several merchants, there are lots of limitations prevailing.

By having your own website, you can market directly to the visitors of your website and to your customers. Whereas people who are buying your product in marketplaces are the shoppers of the marketplace. When you sell to customers on your website you can get their contact information. After collecting your customers’ email addresses, you can send them email marketing promotions, along with offering discounts and announcing new products.

Getting repeat buyers in a marketplace is very hard. This is because you are not having direct access to your customers. This gives you very few opportunities to serve your customers and promote your other products. As it is easier and cost-efficient to retain a customer as compared to getting a new one, communicating with existing customers is necessary for generating revenue for your business

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Establishing and growing your brand

The products that you sell on a marketplace are listed in a generic manner. You would not be getting the flexibility for personalization or branding. This is because there are restrictions such as character limits and logo usage. In such a scenario, the marketplace’s brand is at the forefront. Your brand will not be on the frontline. Therefore, brand awareness and recognition would be impossible.

In many instances, visitors and customers assume that your product belongs to the marketplace without even realizing your existence. In other words, those customers who are purchasing your product will remember the marketplace, rather than remembering you.
You should aim at ensuring that your consumers associate your product together with your brand. They should take your brand into consideration after thinking about that category. While running your own website, you will be having complete control over it.

Learn more about your audience

Having your own ecommerce website helps you in understanding your customers very well. You will get proper reports like their demographics, and also on how they found your website and how they have heard about you. Analyzing their behavior on your website will be easy for you. This means that you can check what they have looked at and also the path they have taken to purchase from you. If there are certain traffic sources that are attracting more customers for your business, you can choose to concentrate on those sources and invest more into those channels that are profitable. You will not only gain information about your existing customers, but you will also get some insights into why some visitors haven’t purchased your product.

Rule your ecommerce site

You can directly impact the customer journey and user experience when you are running your own ecommerce store: There is the flexibility in adding photos and videos of your products in certain places. You can alter the layout and navigation. The flexibility of changing the color scheme and the theme of your website is also available. Editing the button placement and text is also possible. You can tell your company’s story and add a blog. You can feature certain customers. The major thing is that you do not need to worry about your competitors’ products that will pop up next to your product as it happens in a marketplace. You can get in touch with Reidis Interactive for designing an attractive ecommerce website for your business. We are a team of professionals who will fulfill your entire branding, marketing, and requirements of website design and development.